on July 06, 2023

Ladies and gents, gather 'round the turntables! I'm about to drop some funky knowledge bombs. We’re diving headfirst into a gold mine of top-tier tips for all you up-and-coming electronic music producers out there. So, buckle up and prepare for a wild ride through the throbbing heart of beats and baselines.

  • Be a music tourist – Don’t just hole yourself up in the caverns of techno, there's a world of soundscapes out there! Become the David Attenborough of your Spotify, exploring uncharted music territories from Mongolian throat singing to the Industrial Growling.
  • Do active listening, like it's your second job – Treat your eardrums to some high-quality attention time. Eavesdrop on your music like a nosy neighbor, soaking up all the juicy details and dramatic transitions.
  • Turn daily habits into your personal drill sergeant – don't wait for the muse to visit. Show up, and get down to business, rain or shine. Build habits that'll whip your creativity into shape!
  • No motivation? No problem – You know those days when getting out of bed feels like scaling Mount Everest? Yeah, inspiration can pull a vanishing act just like that. Keep calm and carry on making music anyway.
  • The DAW debate is more overblown than a Metallica concert – Don’t fall into the rabbit hole of deciding on a DAW. Pick one. They're all pretty good. Ableton Live, FL Studio, Logic Pro X, heck, even that old 80s synth you found in your grandma's attic.
  • Master the basics before you try to be Mozart – New producers get drawn to fancy techniques like moths to a flame. Keep it real. Nailing down the core skills is like getting a key to the city of unforgettable tunes.
  • Get feedback more often than a broken PA system – Don't hoard your early works like they're some precious heirloom. Share them around. Use that fresh pair of ears on someone else’s noggin.
  • Genre hopping is the new black – Don't be a genre snob. Sample everything from Reggae to Country. You'll stumble upon crazy soundscapes and end up with a skill set wider than the Grand Canyon.
  • Headphones first, studio monitors second – Not all of us can trick out our rooms like Skywalker Sound. Start with a solid pair of headphones. They’re cheaper and they don’t scare the neighbors.
  • Consistency is your ticket to the big leagues – This ain't no hobby. Show up every day and get cracking. The grind may feel like a perpetual leg day at first, but it pays off.
  • Get down and dirty with sound design – It may look like rocket science, but I promise it's more fun than a surprise Tame Impala gig.
  • Avoid shortcuts, unless you're in a Mario Kart race – MIDI packs and pre-made kits are useful, but they're not a golden ticket. Learning to craft original tunes? Now that’s the stuff of legends!
  • Don’t be a gear-head – You don't need a NASA setup to make music. A laptop, some software, and a good pair of headphones? That's your secret sauce right there.
  • Promotion is the last thing on your plate – You're not trying to become an Instagram influencer. You're here to make music. So, chill out on the marketing front.
  • Collaborate like your life depends on it – Making music with other artists is as exciting as sharing a stage with Slash. And who knows, you might pick up a trick or two along the way.
  • Make the music that tickles your eardrums – Trends come and go, but your authentic sound is your secret sauce! Crafting music that moves you is your winning strategy.
  • Volume faders are your secret weapon – Want to mix like a pro? Get intimate with your volume faders. Sometimes all you need to do is tweak the volume, not bring out the full artillery of EQ and compression.
  • Highpass EQs are like the janitors of your mix – They clean up the unwanted low-end frequencies that sneak into your samples. Use them wisely, and avoid creating a mix that's as flat as a pancake.
  • Music theory is your secret decoder ring – Learning music theory might sound like a snoozefest, but it's the language of the music gods. Speak it fluently, and you'll unlock new realms of creativity.
  • Know your tools, don’t be a gear lemming – Slapping on a compressor just because everyone else does it is like wearing skinny jeans just because they're trendy. Not cool. Learn your tools inside out and use them when it makes sense.
  • Your ears are the VIPs of the music production world – First, protect 'em from overly loud mixing. Second, train 'em to discern the subtleties in your tracks.
  • Balance learning and doing – Think of it like a badass body-building routine. Spend 20% of your time buffing up your knowledge muscles, and the remaining 80% pumping iron in the DAW.
  • Mastering is the icing on the cake – Get your songwriting, sound design, and mixing in check before you jump into the wild world of mastering. Or just pass the buck to software like Landr.
  • The plugins in your DAW are your secret superheroes – Before you start throwing cash at shiny premium plugins, know this: the plugins in your DAW are pretty rad and ready for action.
  • Tutorials can't teach you everything – Music production is like one big, ongoing escape room challenge. There's no guidebook to solve all the puzzles. You've got to flex your problem-solving muscles!

Alright, my music maestros! That's the end of today's sermon. So, what are you waiting for? Get out there, hit those buttons, twist those knobs, and make some friggin' magic!




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